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Travel Agencies

While some business travel agency offices have one person to be the Ďface of the companyí usually there are many people in the background answering the phone, making calls to clients to book their travel deals or working with travel agency online companies.

Travel agents are around to offer help and advice with making arrangements for anything from hotel accommodations, car rentals, and travel agency tours to transportation. Some resorts also use agency travel to promote their travel packages to their clients. Travel agents are expected to advice their travelers about things such as weather conditions, information on international travel agency custom regulations, required documents, currency exchange rates as well as any travel advisories. A travel agency should have you prepared in one phone call for your travel agency tour or vacation.

Some travel agents are required to visit hotels, resorts and restaurants so they can make recommendations based on their experience. While some agents specialize in destinations; others specialize in specific demographics such as seniors.

Most travel agents spend their days behind a desk completing paperwork; especially when weather cancellations come into play. They can especially be very busy during peak times such as Summer, Holidays or Spring Break.

So, How do you find a good travel agent? Your best bet is to ask friends or relatives who have an agent that they trust. If your friends and family donít have one; itís best to call a few different ones to find one that fits your specific needs; especially when it comes to listening to your wants and needs for your vacation. The best agents will have a desire to establish a long-term relationship; not just make one sale. Another thing to consider is if they are certified and belong to one of the major travel agent societies.

The negative things about travel agents are that some arenít always honest and donít always give you the best travel deals; rather, they give you the deals that make them the most money for their monthly sales bonus. This is something to be expected if youíre not a person who travels around often. Most travel agents have a quota they are suppose to meet and if their sales quota doesnít match the employees around them; they risk having to look for a new job.

Travel agents arenít for everyone. If you plan on a trip around the world to explore travel spots internationally and locally then it is a must that you have an agent. But, if youíre simply traveling to visit family and donít plan on going to any parks or events; your cheapest travel plans will likely be made by yourself.

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