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Car Hire Travel Deals

Car hire companies that offer national car rentals at a good price are not very easy to come by and have become even harder to search for due to hidden fees and misrepresentation of the car hire business. Car rental deals do still exist however; sometimes it just takes the knowledge of thinking outside the box.

Some of the best car rental deals are found at the smaller rental car companies who haven’t gotten into the excalibur and exotic car rental service; they simply buy consumer rated cars for the everyday driver. Still, these car rental companies are out to sell you their best and most expensive product for your convenience; If you’re not on a budget, go for it. In reality, for a ‘renta car’ business to succeed; they must have at least a little rental car sales experience!

Different Ways to Rent A Car:

1)   Car Hire  –  A company that rents automobiles for a fee to be used by consumers who do not have a vehicle or are temporarily out of reach of their own vehicle.

2)   One Way Car Rental  –  This choice is popular, but only with companies that have developed car rental city developments. A car rental city development simply specifies that a state have several locations for car pick-up and drop-off.

What Do You Need to Rent A Car?

*  Drivers License  –  Without this you are legally not allowed to drive Any car.

*  Car Insurance  –  You must either purchase or already have an existing coverage plan with at least Limited Liability.

*  Miscellaneous  –  Any Car Rental coupons or booking voucher if you booked online, Proof of residence, Social security card, Credit card. If anyone else will be driving the vehicle they will likely need these documents as well.

Did you know; most car rental companies install a speed tracker that will let them know your top speed; in many instances an extra fee is charged if you exceed their maximum reservation speed. Some companies have installed GPS that can set your maximum speed so that it will not be exceeded. When you get your rental car deal; you may want to clarify any extra charges that could be incurred from instances such as this.

Besides the basic rental of the vehicle, car rental agencies will usually offer extra products such as insurance, global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation systems, entertainment systems such as TV, and sometimes even mobile phone services. This can definetly make a car rental travel deal worth the money.

Insurance can usually be waived for coverage by your own insurance

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