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Travel Reward Plans

Travel reward plans have become increasingly popular among credit cards, airlines, hotels and even car rental companies. Consumers collect point and can then redeem them for travel deals, merchandise, hotel stays, events and more. However, the amount of points required to redeem these points isnít always feasible for those that donít travel very often. Of course; sometimes you can combine travel reward deals from a credit card deal and an air deal.

The first thing in deciding on whether or not a reward card or credit deal is good is looking at cost. Many credit card deals charge annual fees and start their reward fight programs at 20,000 points; consequently, a cardholder would have to spend $20,000 if they received $1 per 1 point. For some; itís a feasible win-win travel deal and for others itís a waste of their money.

Looking At The Fine Print:

If you look closely you might find that you are required to travel a certain amount of time in a given period; otherwise your points can expire. Some reward programs also have blackout dates; which is when you wonít be able to cash in any reward points. These stipulations could be a big deal for the average credit card holder.

When using reward points; you also may not be getting your usually reduced rates for children flying with you; many times they are seen as adults for reward card deals. Keeping in mind; the booking service charges, high cost of childrenís flights, user fees and any other chargers you may incur; your actual saving could prove to be very minimal. Remember; sometimes the best credit card deals for travel can prove to be disappointing.

Before you ever opt-in to any kind of traveling reward plan you should always ask questions and you should never assume that there are no stipulations. Every business creates these programs to be able to make more of a profit; as long as you can realize and appreciate that fact; you may actually come out ahead in saving money.

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