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Hotel Travel Deals

Finding great hotel travel deals can sometimes prove to be quite complicated with all of the individual advertisements saying they have the best cheap hotel deals. Some hotels offer no booking fees while others offer no reservation fees for hotel reservations or for booking a hotel last minute deal online. But, what does it all mean and who is really giving you a good hotel travel deal?

Hotel travel deals are a very competitive market; especially online. Even when our economy isn’t at it’s best; people are still booking hotels; and whoever has the best cheap hotel deal doesn’t always finish first.

The first thing we have to understand as consumers is that we are ‘deal grabbers’; we see a deal and automatically get an adrenaline rush to our brain that tells us to “grab that cheap hotel now”, before it disappears. Right? If we navigate away from the page that hotel deal may vanish forever into the hotel travel discount goblins’ mouth. Wrong. Cheap travel deals are hard to come by but they usually are not right in front of us; you have to search for a good travel deal!

Have you ever used the old fashion way of booking hotels? Some may say, “Ha, What other way is there besides the Internet”. I say; try picking up a phone book to call and see just how much these hotels go for if you offered them cash at the door. While you won’t be able to do this while there is an event going on in the area; it is a proven method that has worked long before the Internet was global.

So; how do you accomplish such a thing? What is the first step to finding that cheap hotel reservation? I’ve already said it; do some searching. You see; the first results in search engines are sometimes paid advertisement to catch your attention right away but you must keep in mind; they have to pay for those advertisements somehow and they’re Not cheap!! Some companies will pay anywhere from fifty cents to five dollars per click to make sure their hotel travel deal shows up at the very top; but guess who’s pocket it will come out of in the end; it comes out of your pocket!

So, next time you’re looking through your options and see great big letters saying “Pick me, I’m a cheap hotel deal”; keep it as an option but keep looking because I can almost guarantee there’s a better deal right around the corner. Try looking at those smaller hotel booking websites, who don’t advertise as much or have as much overhead, you might just be pleasantly surprised to find the best hotel travel deals yet!

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